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Reflexology and Massage in Windsor, Berkshire

Massage and Reflexology #01


Choose your oil, choose your style: drift off and dream with an aromatherapy massage (1 hour £60.00, 1 hour 30 minutes £85.00 and 2 hour £110.00 options)

  • Therapeutic, relaxation, pregnancy massage or detoxifying and energising systemic care to boost circulation and immune system function and encourage healthy sleep patterns. Mums-to-be float fully cradled on our Body Support Cushions for comfort and safety – delicious throughout pregnancy!

  • Remedial, sports or deep-tissue treatments facilitate muscular release, fibrosis reduction and improved connective tissue elasticity, flexibility and posture and can optimise sports performance and recovery

    “Susie: Incredible ... at making remedial treatments feel luxurious and deeply relaxing. ... her past-life as a midwife’s assistant means she’s the expectant mum’s dream masseuse”
    Grazia January 2009

  • Massage and Reflexology #02


    Lavish those feet and lift the soul with Reflexology. Traditional reflexology treats the "whole person" offering deep relaxation, tension release, better sleep, improved mood and overall a sense of wellbeing. Usually practised on the feet (but in some cases the hands) specific “reflex” points are gently worked and the treatment incorporates a soothing massage to finish. Reflexology is very helpful to support people living with illnesses and there is a large amount of scientific data and research upcoming to show how people can benefit. Susie has a wealth of experience caring for pregnant women and her body support cushions ensure blissful comfort throughout (1 hour)

    Combined massage and reflexology treatments: experience the benefits of both therapies, specific to your exact needs for ultimate results (1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hour options)

    Hypnotically relaxing... in-cred-i-ble... Susie is a reflexologist extraordinaire...skin whisperer...”
    Grazia January 2009

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