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Reflexology, Massage, Stone Therapy, Organic Facials
Jericho, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Massage, Reflexology, Stone Therapy. facials


Choose your oil, choose your style - drift off and dream with an aromatherapy massage:

1 hour £70
1 hour 30 minutes £100
2 hours £130

  • Therapeutic, relaxation, pregnancy massage or energising systemic care to soothe aching muscles, boost circulation and immune system function and encourage healthy sleep patterns. Mums-to-be float fully cradled on the latest specially designed Belloost or Body Support pregnancy cushions for comfort and safety – delicious throughout pregnancy!

  • Remedial, sports or deep-tissue treatments facilitate muscular release, fibrosis reduction and improved connective tissue elasticity, flexibility and posture and can optimise sports performance and recovery

    “Susie: Incredible ... at making remedial treatments feel luxurious and deeply relaxing. ... her past-life as a midwife’s assistant means she’s the expectant mum’s dream masseuse”
    Grazia Australia

  • Massage, Reflexology, Stone Therapy. reflexology


    Lavish those feet and lift the soul with Reflexology. Traditional reflexology treats the "whole person" offering deep relaxation, tension release, better sleep, improved mood and overall a sense of wellbeing at home or in the workplace. Usually practised on the feet or face (and in some cases the hands) specific “reflex” points are gently worked and the treatment incorporates a soothing massage to finish. Reflexology is very helpful to support people living with illness and there is a large amount of scientific data and research to show how people can benefit in managing and building resilience to stress and anxiety in the workplace. Susie has a wealth of experience caring for men and women - including women during pregnancy and childbirth - and her body support cushions ensure blissful comfort throughout:

    1 hour £70

    Combined massage and reflexology treatments: experience the benefits of both therapies, specific to your exact needs for ultimate results:

    1 hour 30 minutes £100
    2 hours £130

    Hypnotically relaxing... in-cred-i-ble... Susie is a reflexologist extraordinaire...skin whisperer...”
    Grazia Australia

    Massage, Reflexology, Stone Therapy. stonestack

    Stone Soul Therapy

    Delicious hot and ice-cold stone treatments, designed specifically to your needs with complex advanced stone layouts, stone and crystal chakra placements and expert stone face and body work techniques like stone tapping and trigger point work, to promote deep muscle release, an invigorating circulatory boost, systemic cellular replenishment, profound trance state and relaxation.

    Stone Soul Bodywork
    1 hour 30 minutes £140

    Stone Soul Facial
    1 hour 30 minutes £150

    A typical session with Susie

    The treatment session will offer superior benefits to your mind, body and soul... a luxurious heated and ergonomic hydraulic table, with super comfy memory foam support cushions, fluffy white towels, gentle music, soft ambient lighting and aromatherapy oils so you can relax and recline in the utmost comfort.

    For all initial appointments expect Susie to run through a brief medical history either by email or on the phone (see covid protocols please) and on arrival guide you through massage oils, a treatment plan and answer any questions you may have. For massage, skincare and stone therapy you will be discreetly draped and covered throughout your treatment. For reflexology you simply slip off socks and shoes and lie back snug under the warm covers, whilst your feet are gently cleansed and treated using powder or foot lotions.

    After your appointment it's important that you drink plenty of water to remain hydrated and to maximise the benefits of your treatment. Try to allow yourself some "space" afterwards to slowly re-group before returning to reality...

    Coming soon...

    NEW Ipsum Strigil Body Polish
    45 minutes £65
    Invigorating full body brush, soothing and lymphatic drainage massage with Ipsum Best Skin Body Intense Fortifying Oil with unique Ipsum Strigil skin polish. Sumptuously relaxing, this innovative treatment boosts lymphatic flow is an invigorating full body exfoliation, leaving skin soft and silky smooth

    NEW Ipsum Strigil Body Polish with Ipsum Facial Deep Cleanse
    1 hour £90
    Including a mini Ipsum facial to deep cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise for a top to toe skin and well-being boost

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